Have a vision for your brand? Need help finding your unique style? Our designs empower you and your unique look.


With over 15 years of professional video and production experience, I bring your story to life through videos of all shapes and sizes.


The design looks good, the video is great content, now let's ensure the right audience sees it.

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I’m Brian Jodice, a reformed TV broadcaster who now works to connect people to something bigger than themselves. What does that mean?


I focus on sharing stories and bringing tailored branding to life.


As a reporter I traveled the country telling stories, and I continue to bring that experience and passion to my work today. Together, we can share your story. And don’t worry, I love creating memorial digital design and video content of all shapes and sizes. I’ve produced videos and targeted advertising for Presidential candidates and nationwide advocacy campaigns, and most recently I made the logo for my daughter’s Y Guides Tribe.


See, all shapes and sizes.

I'm also the Executive Vice President for Parents for Educational Freedom in North Carolina, a statewide non-profit that advocates for expanded educational options in our state (learn more at


If you’re a member of F3 Nation, there’s a good chance I’ve designed the logo on the back of your shirt (see a few of those here) or perhaps you’ve heard me share the stories for the men of F3 on Pick up the Six Podcast or the COT Podcast.


Let’s connect and share your story today!

I work to share stories and create brands of all shapes and sizes.

Here are a handful of clients and organizations I've had the pleasure of serving. Want to join that list? Let's connect.

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